Titan Field Frames are designed to protect your instruments and electronic equipment, and to take your music on the road safely! Our frames are built to ensure strength, stability, and durability. Our products are continually evolving based on ongoing feedback from the best music professionals and educators in the industry. The final product is a field frame that is functional, looks great, protects your assets, and is built to last!

Titan Field Frames are manufactured by hand in Fort Worth, Texas to exacting standards.  The frames are built to last; made from steel and fully welded with all external welds ground smooth. No plastic end caps, no plastic panels, no wooden shelves or platforms, and very few moving parts which will not work themselves loose during transit. Ever-roll casters come as standard.

All our frames come with a 3 year warranty for peace of mind.

Titan Field Frames are available via all reputable music retailers.