drumset field frame - MUFFDS

The first drum set frame to fit through your standard door! The Titan Drum Set Field Frame is here! Don’t leave your set player hidden at floor level Designed to be as maneuverable as it is comfortable, this frame will never have you worrying about traveling from location to location.

Titan Features:

- First drum set frame in the industry to fit through a single door! Fits up to a 5 piece kit with a 22” bass drum.

- Arms fold out into position.

- Pin mechanism included on joints so your frame is locked in place during use and storage. - no need to adjust clamped equipment.

- Frame arms are double braced to provide cable management solutions. For example, use the top rail for clamp mounted equipment and the lower rail for cable management.

- Mic mount welded into position in-front of the kick drum doubles as a stop to keep your bass on the frame during transportation

- Fold-up platform allows for faster set-up and breakdown time as minimum adjustment is needed between storage and performance.

- Fold out platform gives you the option to mount your snare and/or high-hat or keep it with traditional stands.

- Fold-out platform rises performer to same level as the kit.

- Folding platform locks into place in upright position.

- Platform supported with reinforced expanded steel to eliminate warping

- Platform is carpeted for a high quality finish to protect your performer and equipment.

- 8” no-flat industrial casters. 2 casters come with brakes.


We consistently weld all four sides of our joints to ensure strength and durability. To improve our aesthetic, we grind down all external welds providing a smooth to-the-touch finish. Our tubing is fully enclosed to prohibit water ingress and rusted out frames. With Titan, you’ll never work with open ended steel or worry about replacing plastic caps. 

All Titan Frames come with 8” no-flat casters to remove the hassle of a flat. Two casters come with brakes so you can lock your frame in position.

Titan Field Frames are proudly made in Fort Worth, Texas. We ensure quality without compromise with a 3-year structural warranty.

When you choose Titan, you choose handcrafted strength, stability, and durability.